Please click on the DONATION FORM button at the bottom of this page to be redirected to the donation form. Download and print the form.

Fill out the top of the form and include it with your gown. The bottom of the form is for your use at tax time next year.  By signing the donation form you relinquish your dress to Baby Gowns for Eternity and it becomes our property.

We are accepting clean wedding gowns and formal attire and would be honored to accept your donation. Your donation can be either dropped off at one of our Houston and Katy Texas area locations. Or you can mail your gown to us.

To mail your gown, please cut off any underskirt material, specifically the crinoline or netting that fluffs out the gown. Once you do that, most gowns can be rolled up like a sleeping bag and placed into a large post office box that can be mailed for under $20 to anywhere in the U.S. Please mail your gown to us at: 22302 Sheldonwood Court , Katy, Texas77449.

If you live in the Houston/ Katy area, please check our list of Drop Off Locations for a convenient location.  If there is not a convenient location please contact us by using the form on our contact page to arrange for a pickup by one of our volunteers.

Donated Gowns travel through many hands during transformation into Baby Gowns.  For this reason, we do not post pictures of your gown and the Baby Gowns created from it.  Pictures of the completed Baby Gowns are periodically posted on our Facebook page and this website.

If you would like any fabric from your gown for any reason please feel free to cut it from your gown before donating.

Thank you for donating your gown to Baby Gowns for Eternity and helping us to continue our mission for families that have suffered the loss of their baby, making sure that these precious babies are

"Dressed for Heaven, Wrapped in Love"