The Four Founders: L to R:  Patricia Abrams, Lindajean Giraudin, Dana Dusek,and Paula Kelly

The Four Founders: L to R:  Patricia Abrams, Lindajean Giraudin, Dana Dusek,and Paula Kelly

Four friends - Dana, Lindajean, Paula and Patricia were gathered around a kitchen table crafting, sharing stories and fellowship, discussing their desire to find some meaningful volunteer work to become involved with. They each had knowledge of groups across the country that were using donated wedding gowns to make burial garments for babies who were lost before, during or shortly after birth. They felt this would be something they could do, wanted to do. Lindajean lost a son during the first trimester, Patricia had experienced the loss more than once through her daughter’s losses. Paula as a nurse had witnessed families losing their long awaited baby and knew there was a need for them to have something to dress their precious babies in. One of Dana’s daughters suffered a miscarriage and she also had experience with infant loss through friends.

There was a connection to this work for all four friends. Their lives are based on faith and each one knew they were being called by One Greater than each of them.  After much discussion the friends decided without hesitation to plunge in head first and form a group to make these burial gowns so anyone who needed a gown for their baby would have it. Baby Gowns for Eternity was founded on February 22, 2016, with our motto becoming, “Dressed for Heaven, Wrapped in Love”

 Our CEO/President is Paula Kelly, RN. Paula moved to Katy, Texas in 2009 to live with her sister, Patricia Abrams. Their mother taught them how to sew at an early age along with knitting, crocheting and crafts of all kinds. Now their talents are used in making Baby Gowns.  Paula is a RN and works in a local hospital as the OR Educator. She enjoys gardening in her spare time, crafting and of course, sewing Baby Gowns. Paula has two sons, and two grandsons.

Patricia is our Seamstress Coordinator and diligently worked on adapting patterns for the baby gowns we make from a variety of patterns she found online, specifically tailoring them for boys and girls. Patricia is retired with 30 years plus in the travel industry, working for 3 different airlines, a travel agency and a tour company.  Patricia loves to read, crafting and traveling. She spends many hours each day sewing Baby Gowns. Patricia has a son, daughter and two grandsons.

Dana Dusek is our Marketing Director Extraordinaire. Dana promotes Baby Gowns for Eternity endlessly, talking to anyone who will listen. In the checkout line in a store, at doctor offices, even restaurants. She is our best spokesperson. Dana is a great businesswoman and constantly searches out fundraising opportunities for us. Dana was medically retired from AT&T in 1999. She has performed as a professional clown. She enjoys helping others, Bible Study Fellowship and crafting with her grandchildren. Dana and her husband of 45 years, Emil, have two daughters, one son,5 grandsons and 3 granddaughters.

Lindajean Giraudin is our Secretary/Treasurer. She is scotch with the funds that Baby Gowns for Eternity receive from the wonderful people who donate to our cause and stretches it to the last penny. She learned to sew at age 9 and worked as a unit caseworker dealing with counseling families making medical decisions. Lindajean was diagnosed with MS in 1980 retiring on disability, but despite limitations, she immersed herself in Bible Study Fellowship, crafts, grand-kids and part time farm life. Lindajean has two sons, two daughters, one granddaughter and one grandson.

We are dedicated to our mission of serving as many parents as possible that go through the devastating time of losing an infant. We want to make sure they have a beautiful, one of a kind, gender specific, lovingly created Baby Gown so their baby will be “Dressed for Heaven, Wrapped in Love”. If we can provide just a glimmer of happiness and normalcy for these parents and their families, then our mission is complete.

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